Wedding designs

Superbly personalised wedding invitations

A wedding is a personal day and one that everyone feels the need to cash in on by making you as similar to everyone else as possible. But that attitude is wrong! You and your partner have a unique story to tell, and a unique voice in which to tell it. I am here to offer a bespoke service to make that day yours. Below are some examples of weddings I’ve worked on recently



Chloe & Jon – May 2012

Neither Jon nor Chloe felt their relationship was ‘normal’ and so they chose to tell the tale of their meeting and his proposal to give guests a hint of what was to come. They chose illustrations to represent pet names and significant events from their lives together and thoroughly enjoyed confusing everyone with the hidden meanings!

I created everything in this invite by hand, from choosing the pearlised card it was printed on, writing the story and illustrating examples throughout, to the way it unfolds to lead the reader on.

Adel & Anna – October 2012

When you hear of a proposal that involved a pirate ring and a request for her to be his ‘first mate forever’ you know that what follows will be equally interesting.

For this couple I did something a little different. As the Spice Girls would once have said, I made ‘two become one’ by creating a unique seal for them as a couple which merged both their names into one unique image.

This design can be viewed both this way up and at 180 degrees (depending on whose guest to the wedding you are I suppose!) as it is a clever play on symmetry, almost suggesting they are each others reflection.

It was created to be used for any number of things from a rubber stamp, to personalised coasters, to a joint ‘signature’ of their new married selves. It is flexible and strong, just like Anna and Adel.


Getting married? Need invitations?

I’d love to talk to you about making them as individual as you are, you can have an idea you want designed or you can let your story inspire me, either way we need to talk. Just click the ‘contact me’ button at the top of the page.


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