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Confessions of a Designer

This week a friend sent me a link that made me literally scream ‘YES!’


The link was for a series of posters created by designer Anneke Short. They are genius and should immediately be distributed to everyone who thinks they can just ‘throw something together’ themselves.

I’m serious.

As a designer there is nothing more frustrating than people thinking that they could do my job as well as I do. Yes, you own a computer, and can probably even use Photoshop if you’ve grown up any time in the last 30 years. But (and this is the crucial point) not everyone has taste, or an eye for layout, or knowledge of what makes advertising work or… or well, anything I’ve learned through years of study and building my career.

So, before you approach your designer friends and ask what they spend their time doing because YOU could do that leaflet/business card/advert in 10 minutes in Microsoft Word (designers, cross yourselves now!), ask yourselves this: How many wedding invitations have you opened only to cringe at the bucket load of clip art emptied over the cheapest ivory card you’ve ever seen? Oh, and is that Zapfino they’ve used? How original! The answer: They thought they could do just as well by doing it themselves. To those people, I wish you luck. To everyone else, welcome to the exciting world of design.


For the full article, take a look at: http://designtaxi.com/news/351395/Confessions-Of-A-Designer-What-Goes-On-In-A-Designer-s-Mind/


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