Logo design

Examples of logos I’ve produced

Amongst my many talents comes logo design. I can spruce up an existing design or produce something entirely fresh based on any ideas you have or based on my own observations of your needs. Below are some examples of previous commissions.


The Stinging Nettle

The first example is for a bar in Shepherd’s Bush called The Stinging Nettle. Taking inspiration for the font from a hand drawn A-board outside the bar and combining it with nettle leaves, I produced a master logo and a range of promotion logos to compliment it. These were then applied to all printed and web media.

This was a very open brief, with the client knowing what effect their logo had to have but without a clear idea of what it should look like.


Ethos Recycling

My second example is for the refuse company Ethos.

Ethos pride themselves on the high percentage of collected waste that they recycle, and wanted this to be clear in the logo. They also needed the logo to adapt for the various divisions of the company, these are shown below.

As well as the logo design, I also produced a complete range of stationary for Ethos including business cards, invoices and letterheads (letterhead shown below).


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