Illustration & Gifts

This is where I get to play

I like to play with shapes and lines and patterns. I like to fool the eye. I like to create unique gifts for those I love. Here are a few examples.


Family Crest

The idea of the family crest embodying the qualities of those who bare it has always appealed to me, so I enjoyed producing a design to be engraved onto a pewter tankard as a wedding day gift to the groom.

Every element of the design was chosen for it’s specific meaning to create an overall message of what their married life would be. Examples of the symbolism chosen:
A cat: protection (laying over a banner containing the couple’s wedding date)
A fox: wit and wisdom
Holly: truth
Quarter foil: luck
Flaming heart: Burning desire (containing their initials)

It’s always so nice to create something so unique. It’s lovely to try to capture, in images a persons thoughts, feelings and general personality.

I was lucky in this project to also find an engraver who takes pride in their work and did such a good job with the final product.







A bullet with your name on it?

This was a personal project for my (then) boyfriend Jon. As a bar manager, he always complained that his barblade (a professional bottle opener) was always being stolen by other barmen, so I decided the only way to stop that happening was to give him one with his name on it!

But, being the person I am, I didnt make it easy for myself!

Above is the final product. The barblade has a copper coating which reminded me of printed circuit boards, using this as the basis of the design I created a pattern in the style of a pcb with his name ‘hidden’ within the lines.

Almost in the style of a ‘magic eye’ image I incorporated his name into the circuit pattern – obvious when you see it but invisible when you don’t!


Bespoke design

If you have an idea for an unusual gift don’t hesitate to contact me – I would love to help develop your ideas into something truly unique.


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