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I remember when I first fell in love with tattoos. I was really little, I couldn’t even write my name, I’d been out with my family and I’d seen someone in the street covered in tattoos and was enthralled. When I got home I got out a biro and drew all over the torso of my Tiny Tears doll. She’s still that way now – covered in my illegible scrawl, reminding me what a statement a good tattoo can make to the world.
That said, I once got a very boring, off the shelf design permanently etched onto my skin which I instantaneously regretted. It has taken me a full 7 years to finally figure out the perfect amendment to make them right, but this is the year! I chose to remember a day I never believed would come: the day I first knew my of my husbands existence 🙂









I wanted them to look at first glance like a pattern similar in style to stained glass (it’s nice to have secret messages on your skin that make you smile) and the day I met Jon made me smile and has done ever since. Whenever I have a bad day or we have an argument I think back to 24.12.09, I remember how great it felt to know he was out there, and now I can have that memory with me all the time (sappy? yes, I know).


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It’s been a while!

So it’s been a couple of months since my last post, but I have a good excuse, honest! I was busy getting married 🙂 – Those of you who have done it will understand how it takes over your life! But luckily for me it’s provided a lot of inspiration in the form of wonderful, creative people I had the pleasure of working with on my big day.

This post is for the first of them: Kelly of Heyday Honey.

Kelly is an amazing woman with extraordinary knowledge of anything and everything to do with hair and makeup – her speciality is in retro and vintage styles but she also has brilliant theatrical ideas and before my wedding we once spent a day with a fabulous photographer Tigz Rice making me into first a spooky broken doll and then and gorgeous green goddess/ring master – incredible fun and amazing to be made to look so different by someone so talented.

But it was for my wedding that her talents shone and for that day that I have chosen to rave about her on here.

The colour theme of my wedding (in case you can’t guess) was red, and, being the dramatic thing that I am, I chose to really show that off in my look for the day.

Between us, Kelly and I settled on this look – a heavy combination of crisp red and black eyeliner above the eye and a lovely soft curl in my hair to show off both my (already) bright red fringe and lace fascinator. The effect was amazing – I have never felt so beautiful, and if that isn’t what you aim for on your wedding day, then there’s something very wrong with you!

So THANK YOU Kelly – your work for my wedding was brilliant, stunning, perfect! I can’t thank you enough, especially for the fun you created that morning with a brilliant 80’s pop soundtrack. There’s no need for wedding morning stress when Kelly is there with you.

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Geek me up, baby!

I’ve found a new website I love. Unfortunately it’s in America, takes 8 weeks to deliver to the UK and would incur customs charges *sigh* so I will have to live without the awesome geekery that is…(drum roll please)…

The most awesome necklace for geeks everywhere – pretty? tick. geeky? tick. i want one? tick.

This website is so good they even have dragon portraits – for people who don’t (like me) live with a (water) dragon of their very own. Its like looking at Gizmo in an alternate universe where he’s friendly and only a little bit evil:

Kids look away now, this next item will only confuse you. Those over 25 however should appreciate the awesomeness that is the floppy disc cushion. I for one want one to adorn my sofa immediately.

There is however one uber-awesome item on this website which I am extremely tempted to face debt, customs officials and 2 months wait for. And it is thus:

Who in their right mind wouldn’t want tentacles wrapped around their finger? If anybody out there loves me then please, I beg you, buy me this ring!

To investigate this awesomeness for yourself, visit:

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Confessions of a Designer

This week a friend sent me a link that made me literally scream ‘YES!’


The link was for a series of posters created by designer Anneke Short. They are genius and should immediately be distributed to everyone who thinks they can just ‘throw something together’ themselves.

I’m serious.

As a designer there is nothing more frustrating than people thinking that they could do my job as well as I do. Yes, you own a computer, and can probably even use Photoshop if you’ve grown up any time in the last 30 years. But (and this is the crucial point) not everyone has taste, or an eye for layout, or knowledge of what makes advertising work or… or well, anything I’ve learned through years of study and building my career.

So, before you approach your designer friends and ask what they spend their time doing because YOU could do that leaflet/business card/advert in 10 minutes in Microsoft Word (designers, cross yourselves now!), ask yourselves this: How many wedding invitations have you opened only to cringe at the bucket load of clip art emptied over the cheapest ivory card you’ve ever seen? Oh, and is that Zapfino they’ve used? How original! The answer: They thought they could do just as well by doing it themselves. To those people, I wish you luck. To everyone else, welcome to the exciting world of design.


For the full article, take a look at:

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