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I remember when I first fell in love with tattoos. I was really little, I couldn’t even write my name, I’d been out with my family and I’d seen someone in the street covered in tattoos and was enthralled. When I got home I got out a biro and drew all over the torso of my Tiny Tears doll. She’s still that way now – covered in my illegible scrawl, reminding me what a statement a good tattoo can make to the world.
That said, I once got a very boring, off the shelf design permanently etched onto my skin which I instantaneously regretted. It has taken me a full 7 years to finally figure out the perfect amendment to make them right, but this is the year! I chose to remember a day I never believed would come: the day I first knew my of my husbands existence 🙂









I wanted them to look at first glance like a pattern similar in style to stained glass (it’s nice to have secret messages on your skin that make you smile) and the day I met Jon made me smile and has done ever since. Whenever I have a bad day or we have an argument I think back to 24.12.09, I remember how great it felt to know he was out there, and now I can have that memory with me all the time (sappy? yes, I know).


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Geek me up, baby!

I’ve found a new website I love. Unfortunately it’s in America, takes 8 weeks to deliver to the UK and would incur customs charges *sigh* so I will have to live without the awesome geekery that is…(drum roll please)…

The most awesome necklace for geeks everywhere – pretty? tick. geeky? tick. i want one? tick.

This website is so good they even have dragon portraits – for people who don’t (like me) live with a (water) dragon of their very own. Its like looking at Gizmo in an alternate universe where he’s friendly and only a little bit evil:

Kids look away now, this next item will only confuse you. Those over 25 however should appreciate the awesomeness that is the floppy disc cushion. I for one want one to adorn my sofa immediately.

There is however one uber-awesome item on this website which I am extremely tempted to face debt, customs officials and 2 months wait for. And it is thus:

Who in their right mind wouldn’t want tentacles wrapped around their finger? If anybody out there loves me then please, I beg you, buy me this ring!

To investigate this awesomeness for yourself, visit:

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